Exporting Issues

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The Issues list screen provides you with export functionality that is initiated by activating the Export button located in the Actions dropdown option at the top of the Issues table. Issues can be exported even when you have not marked all complete.

To export issues:

  1. In the left column, select all issues you want to export. Activate within the blank check box to place a check mark within the box to indicate your selection for all desired issue rows. The top, left of the table will display a message to indicate the number of issues selected.
  2. Select the Actions dropdown menu option and activate the Export button.

select issues export The Export Issues dialog box pops up. 3. Select an Export type option.

-   **CSV (compatible with the Microsoft Excel)**: Comma-Separated Value (compatible with the Microsoft Excel) is useful for importing into spreadsheet applications or databases.

-   **CSV**: Comma-Separated Value is useful for importing into spreadsheet applications or databases.

-   **JSON**: Java Script Object is useful for importing into issue tracking systems such as JIRA.

- **JSON (with axe universal format)**: JSON format that aligns with a universal export format shared across various axe products. This is especially useful when customers need data extraction from multiple axe products for further processing like use in common business analytics platforms. 
  1. Activate the Next button. export type next

    The number of issues to be exported is displayed.