Using the axe Account Portal

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Within the axe Account Portal, which is separate from the axe DevTools Extension, users can manage their accounts, trials, and subscriptions. (Users includes individuals who purchase a single subscription as well as administrators who manage one or more accounts.)


For those that have purchased through a Deque sales associate who are unsure who your admin is, or would like to set up a new admin, contact


These user management features are not currently available in on-prem and private cloud instances.

Getting Started

To use the axe Account Portal, you'll need to purchase a subscription or start a trial for any of the available axe products.


Starting a trial

Managing Your Billing Information

The "Manage Billing" page is where administrators can:

  • Manage your active subscriptions
    • Cancel your subscription
    • Change the number of users
  • Update your payment method
  • Edit your company information
  • View and download your invoices

Webpage for managing your axe DevTools Pro subscription

Managing Your Users

The "User Management" page is where administrators can manage their users' roles and access. Each user will be displayed in the "Manage Users" table. Within the table you can find each user's name, email address, product access, roles, and access status. You can also edit each user's role and access, resend a pending invitation, and delete a user. Admins can also add users to each product they have active subscriptions with and invite new axe Account admins.

The webpage for managing users for axe DevTools

Adding Users

By clicking the "Add Users..." button admins can choose to:

  • Add users to a product
  • Add axe Account admins (new or existing users)
  • Add readonly users to your axe Account

Adding Users to a Product

To add users to a product, enter each user's email address into the "List user emails" text box, separating each email with a comma. Admins can add up to 100 users at a time so if more than 100 licenses are being assigned it must be done in batches of 100. By adding users to a product, they will be granted "General Access" to both the given product as well as the axe Account.


Users will receive an email with a link that they must follow to accept their invitation. If they have not received the email, have them check their spam folder or use the “resend email” functionality.

Webpage for adding users on the axe Account Portal

Adding axe Account Admins

To add axe Account admins, click the "Add Users..." button and select the " an axe Account Admin" menu item. Administrators can add additional administrators by selecting an existing user from the "Select an existing user" dropdown or entering the email address of a new user who will be invited into the "Enter email of the new user" text field.


An axe Account Admin can add and modify the access that other users have so please use caution when assigning this role.

Add admin user webpage on the axe Account Portal

Adding axe Account Users

Adding users to your axe Account provides access to shared reports without having to add them to any paid subscriptions.


Any users added to any subscription will also have axe Account general access.

  • click the "Add Users..." button
  • select the " your axe Account" menu item
  • enter each user's email address into the "List user emails" text box, separating each email with a comma.
  • click "NEXT"
  • click "FINISH"

Editing a User

To edit a user, click the "Edit User" button for the given user on the "User Management" page. From there, the user's permissions for each product can be configured. Administrators will not be able to add a user to a subscription which has no unused licenses.

Webpage for editing a user's properties

Deleting a User

To delete a user, click the "Remove User" button for the given user on the "User Management" page.

Alert that is displayed to confirm you want to delete a user

Resending an Invitation

To resend an invitation, click the "Resend Invitation" button for the given user on the "User Management" page.

Alert that is displayed to confirm you want to resend a user's invitation to sign up

Migrating from a Single Subscription to a Multi-User Account

To migrate from a single subscription to a mutli-user account, follow the steps below:

  1. Cancel your current single subscription by navigating to the plans page and clicking "DOWNGRADE" within the "Free" plan card. Downgrade axe DevTools Pro single subscription
  2. While still on the plans page, click "UPGRADE NOW"
  3. Select "I’m buying a subscription for multiple users"
  4. Enter the number of licenses you would like to purchase along
  5. Fill out the rest of the form
  6. Click "REVIEW & PAY"
  7. Review your payment details
  8. Accept the Terms of Service and review the Privacy Policy
  9. Click "PAY & SUBSCRIBE" Multi-license purchase with 11 licenses
  10. Send an email to asking for a pro-rated refund for the subscription that you canceled prematurely. Reference this documentation in that email.
  11. Assign the users to the purchased licenses as described at the top of this page

Differences Between Subscriptions Purchase Online and Offline (sales)

For subscriptions purchased offline, administrators will not be able to manage billing information in the axe Account Portal. This means that the payment method, company info, and invoices will not be available to be viewed or altered. In addition, admins for enterprise subscriptions purchased offline will not have access to directly change the subscription (license count, etc.) in any way within the axe Account Portal. Instead offline administrators can reach out to their Deque contact to change billing and subscription information.