Deleting axe Developer Hub Projects

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How to use the API Keys page to delete an axe Developer Hub project

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axe Developer Hub is a beta product and is subject to change.

This article discusses how to delete an axe Developer Hub project.


Deleting a project is handled on the axe Account site rather than in the axe Developer Hub Project site.

When you delete an axe Developer Hub API key, you remove:

  • Accessibility results
  • Git commit and branch history
  • The API key (you will receive invalid API key if you run your test suites using a deleted API key)
  1. To delete an axe Developer Hub project, you click on the API KEYS item when you are viewing your axe Account:

    The axe Account page shows Products, Billing, and API Keys options.

    You can also go to the page directly: API Keys

    The Product column will show axe Developer Hub for all of your axe Developer Hub projects.

  2. Choose the dropdown (three vertical dots) next to the project you want to delete, and choose Delete API key:

    The Manage API Keys page showing two projects and the action menu open with three options visible: Edit API Project, Regenerate API Key, and Delete API Key.

  3. You are asked for confirmation to delete all the information associated with this API key.

    The API key delete confirmation dialog

    Click DELETE to confirm.

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