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What information can you export from axe Developer Hub

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axe Developer Hub is a beta product and is subject to change.

This article discusses how to export your accessibility issues from axe Developer Hub for use elsewhere. You can export your issues as either JSON or CSV.


From the issues page of axe Developer Hub, you can export your test run's issues in CSV or JSON format.

Export Examples

For the example export data in this article, there is one accessibility error in the source HTML: the web page was missing the lang attribute on the html element; it used <html> instead of <html lang="en">.

CSV Example

The first row of the CSV file indicates the column names.


Each column value is enclosed in quotes because some columns (such as Tags) can contain commas.

The Description, Rule Help, and Summary columns can contain HTML tags so their content needs to be escaped before including in a web page.

"Rule ID","Description","Rule Help","Help URL","Impact","Element Location","Element Source Code","Page State","Summary","Tags","Created At"
"html-has-lang","Ensures every HTML document has a lang attribute","<html> element must have a lang attribute","https://dequeuniversity.com/rules/axe/4.6/html-has-lang?application=axeAPI","serious","html","<html>","http://localhost:3000/index.html","Fix any of the following:
  The <html> element does not have a lang attribute","cat.language,wcag2a,wcag311,ACT","2023-03-20T17:43:17.204Z"

See Explanation of the CSV Columns and the JSON Properties below for information about the CSV columns.

JSON Example

For the same missing lang attribute, the exported JSON appears as follows:

    "id": "html-has-lang",
    "impact": "serious",
    "tags": [
    "description": "Ensures every HTML document has a lang attribute",
    "help": "<html> element must have a lang attribute",
    "helpUrl": "https://dequeuniversity.com/rules/axe/4.6/html-has-lang?application=axeAPI",
    "nodes": [
        "page_state": "http://localhost:3000/index.html",
        "created_at": "2023-03-20T17:43:17.204Z",
        "html": "<html>",
        "target": [
        "failureSummary": "Fix any of the following:\n  The <html> element does not have a lang attribute"

See the next section for information about the JSON properties in the export JSON.

Explanation of the CSV Columns and the JSON Properties

The following table explains the CSV columns and JSON properties. There are several embedded objects in the JSON:

  • tags, an array of strings representing each tag
  • nodes, an array of node objects
  • node, an object representing information about each accessibility error

For the table below, the node object and its contained properties are represented as node.property-name.

CSV Column Name JSON property Description
Rule ID id The axe-core rule name. See axe-core Rule Descriptions for more information about axe-core's rules.
Description description Description of the accessibility defect
Rule Help help Information about how to correct the accessibility defect
Help URL helpUrl Link to information on Deque University about this accessibility defect
Impact impact Severity of the defect: minor, moderate, serious, or critical
Element Location node.target (array) CSS selector for the error's location
Element Source Code node.html Source HTML for the error
Page State node.page_state URL for the page containing the error
Summary node.failureSummary Description of the fix for this error
Tags node.tags (array) Tags this rule belongs to. See axe-core Rule Descriptions for more information about axe-core's tags.
Created At node.created_at Date and time this error was detected (in ISO 8601 format, UTC time zone)