Instructions for Cypress and JavaScript

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Configuring your tests with Cypress and JavaScript

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  1. In the root level of your testing folder, install the @axe-core/watcher package and all of its dependencies using npm or your preferred package manager (for example, Yarn or pnpm).

    npm install --save-dev @axe-core/watcher
  2. In cypress.config.js, import the cypressConfig function from the @axe-core/watcher package and wrap your config with it:

    const { defineConfig } = require('cypress');
    const { cypressConfig } = require('@axe-core/watcher');
    const API_KEY = process.env.API_KEY
    module.exports = defineConfig(  
        axe: {
          apiKey: API_KEY
        // Your existing Cypress configuration code here
  3. In your Cypress support file (commonly called cypress/support/e2e.js), import the @axe-core/watcher package Cypress commands and call axeFlush() after each test:

    afterEach(() => {
  4. You're all done. Run your end-to-end tests and check your results. Please note @axe-core/watcher only runs in Chrome and should only be used in Cypress run mode. It may be used with --headless=new or --headed (for example, cypress run --headed --browser=chrome).