System Requirements for axe Developer Hub

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Requirements necessary to use axe Developer Hub including language support, browser automation platform versions, Node.js version, ChromeDriver version, and npm registry access.

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The following requirements are necessary to use axe Developer Hub:

  • JavaScript or TypeScript tests. Your tests must be written in JavaScript or TypeScript to work with axe Developer Hub.

  • Newest version or one major version back of the browser automation platform. See Browser Automation Platform Support in Platform Support for more information.

  • Node.js LTS. Your project must use the Long Term Support version of Node.js.

  • Permission to download and install from the npm registry ( The @axe-core/watcher package is downloaded from

  • Latest stable version of ChromeDriver.

  • (Optional) Your code stored in a Git repository. Using a Git repository for your project lets you can associate accessibility quality with each commit, promoting better accountability. Additionally, by using GitHub as your Git repository, you can enforce accessibility quality for commits via the GitHub Action.

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