axe DevTools for Web API/CLI 4.1

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Release Date: February 9, 2021


Axe DevTools 4.1 includes new Python integrations, debuts Usage Service, adds CLI features, upgrades to the latest axe-core version (v4.1), and bug fixes.

What's New

  • Updated axe-core version
    axe DevTools 4.1 comes by default with the latest axe-core version, v4.1. For more information on axe-core 4.1, see the axe-core changelog.

  • Integrated Deque's Usage Service into the API Products
    The Usage Service affords customers the ability to track axe DevTools product usage. Each axe DevTools API language (including the CLI) integrates a client library for this service. So, customers can track the usage of each axe DevTools component within their organization. This optional, off by default service is also configurable to communicate with clients’ data collection systems to retain all of their usage data on-prem.

  • Added support for WebdriverIO v7
    In addition to maintaining WebdriverIO v5 and v6 support, axe DevTools 4.3 now includes support for v7.

  • Added support for axe DevTools Integration with Python
    It includes integrations for Unittest, Robot, and Behave testing frameworks and works with other testing libraries such as nose2 and pytest.

  • Added Viewport size controls and Spec mode validation to the CLI

    • Viewport size Controls offer the control of viewport size of the browser through a runtime flag. This feature allows users to better test pages with dynamic layout or for mobile web browser testing. The flag works in headed or headless mode, as well as in URI or spec mode.

    • Spec mode validation exists as a runtime flag that verifies the syntax of axe DevTools CLI spec files to ensure there are no errors before it is run in a scan. This feature prevents significant potential wasted time by ensuring that scans with long spec files do not need to be run repeatedly to debug syntax errors.

  • Updated standard security features.

Bug Fixes

Cypress API Integration
Fixed a bug that prevented the axe DevTools reporter from working properly.