axe DevTools for Web API/CLI 4.3

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Release Date: September 27, 2021


Axe DevTools 4.3 is a significant behind-the-scenes refactor to guarantee security. It also includes the latest version of axe-core. Axe DevTools 4.3 also includes complete frameset and shadow dom scanning across all integrations.

What's New

  • Updated axe-core version
    Axe DevTools 4.3 comes by default with the latest axe-core version, v4.3.3. For more information on axe-core 4.3, see the axe-core changelog.

  • Implemented new security features in all axe DevTools packages
    axe DevTools 4.3 makes use of the significant changes originally made in axe-core 4.3 with the runPartial() and finishRun() functions.

  • Added support for WebdriverIO v7
    In addition to maintaining WebdriverIO v5 and v6 support, axe DevTools 4.3 now includes support for v7.

  • Updated scanning tools for complete coverage of framesets and shadow DOM across all integrations.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a major bug in Karmal/JSON reporter, which prevented its use in some setups.

Known Issues

Test files integrated with axe DevTools WebdriverIO using WebdriverIO pre-version 7.x will fail when compiled using tsc.


While we’ve been extremely thorough in our testing of axe DevTools 4.3, the magnitude of internal changes made may present unforeseen challenges when upgrading. Therefore, we recommend exercising caution and potentially upgrading in an easily reversible manner.

If for some reason, axe DevTools 4.3 causes unforeseen issues, we’ve included a new function, runLegacy() which disables the new functionality of 4.3. While this option is no less secure, it will limit what will be tested on select pages. We encourage any customer who encounters issues or has additional questions, to contact us through our help desk.