axe DevTools for Web API/CLI 4.4

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Release Date: March 9, 2022


Axe DevTools 4.4 is the biggest release since 4.0. Axe DevTools 4.4 includes the latest axe-core version (v4.4.1), launches a new integration with Playwright for Java, overhauls our HTML reporter, allows all integrations to be configured to automatically upload results to axe Reports, allows spec files to be batch processed in CLI, enables filtering of CSV report results in CLI, and adds an optional metadata object in CLI spec files.

What's New

  • Updated axe-core version
    axe DevTools 4.4 comes by default with the latest axe-core version, v4.4.1. For more information on axe-core 4.4, see the axe-core changelog.

  • Added support for Java Playwright Integration
    The newest axe DevTools for Web API integration supports Playwright for Java. It comes bundled with the latest version of axe-core and offers all the features of other axe DevTools for Web API integrations.

  • Updated HTML Reporter for all Integrations
    The new HTML reporter has a new look and feel as well as the addition of sort and filter options for results as well as an executive summary report which aggregates the results across all associated page reports.

  • Added support for automated results upload to axe Reports
    This new feature allows users to configure any integration to automatically upload scan data to axe Reports.

  • Added Bulk Spec Mode in CLI
    This CLI mode enables processing spec files in a batch. Previously, each spec file had to be run one at a time. Now, the CLI can process a folder containing any number of spec files. The results of successful runs are output to a single results directory, and any failed spec files are detailed in a log file. Failed spec files do not stop the batch run.

  • Added support for Filtering of CSV report results in CLI
    The filter allows filtering of results by type (violation, needs review, pass, inapplicable).

  • Added support for Optional Metadata Object in CLI Spec files
    This feature allows users to optionally add a custom metadata object to their spec files under the projects section to store any scan metadata they require.

Bug Fixes

Cypress Integration
Fixed a TypeScript issue and restored full TypeScript support.