axe DevTools for Web API/CLI 4.7

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Release notes describing the changes in axe DevTools for Web API/CLI 4.7 and 4.6.0 of axe DevTools Reporter and Logger

Release Date: May 12, 2023


Axe DevTools 4.7 is updated with the latest axe-core version, ECMAScript modules are now supported, and various bugs were fixed.

What’s New?

  • Axe-core Version Update
    Axe DevTools 4.7 comes with the latest axe-core version 4.7.0. For complete details, refer to the axe-core change log.
  • Node.js packages can now be imported as ECMAScript modules
    All packages now provide ECMAScript module (ESM) support while continuing to offer CommonJS (CJS) module support.
  • The Reporting Packages were updated to 4.6. See axe Reporter and Logger Packages for more information.

Bug Fixes

Bugs in axe DevTools for C#, the CLI, the Playwright package, and the Python package were fixed.


Axe DevTools for C# can now handle much larger result sets.



A problem that caused the bulk-spec command (batch processing of spec files) to skip processing of spec files has been fixed.

Updated Command-Line Options

Several command-line options have been changed to make their use clearer and more consistent:

  • The --user-agent option is now always used by Chrome regardless of the headless setting or whether a remote proxy has been configured.
  • The --accept-untrusted option is always used regardless of the browser or headless setting. (Previously this option required the --headless option to be set.)
  • The --remote-proxy is always used by Chrome (no longer depends on the --headless option or whether an https site is being scanned).


The @axe-devtools/playwright package now initializes import.meta.url to address a problem loading the package.


Default ID

The Python package now sets the default ID in the JSON results file to "check" instead of null as before. The highlighted line in the following (shortened) example shows the change:

  "type": "axe-devtools-result",
  "name": "axe-run",
  "id": "check",  "platform": {}

(Many lines were deleted in the above example.)

This change makes Python results compatible with the other APIs.

Large Results

Limits have been increased and the Python package can now process much larger results.

Known Issues


axe Reporter and Logger Packages

New versions of the reporter (@axe-devtools/reporter) and logger packages (@axe-devtools/logger) were released. Both packages were updated to version 4.6.0. (Because the CLI uses these packages, changes to the reporter and the logger apply to it as well.)


The reporting and logging packages don't follow the release cadence as the other packages (version numbers can be different from 4.7.0).

Reporter Updates

Version 4.6.0 of the @axe-devtools/reporter package was released May 17, 2023 with the changes documented in the following sections.

New Features

  • The reporter can now filter rules based on Trusted Tester version 5. The new value TTv5 is now a valid tag for "Filter by Tag" in the output HTML report (generated by the buildHTM() method).
  • You can use the reporter package as an ECMAScript Module (ESM).

Bug Fixes

  • Can now use a results file from axe-core as input to generate reports.
  • Fixed various bugs due to adding ESM support.

Logger Updates

Version 4.6.0 of the @axe-devtools/logger package was released May 17, 2023 with the changes detailed in the next sections.

New Features

  • You can import the logger package as an ECMAScript Module (ESM).

Bug Fixes

  • The logger now supports axe.AxeResults as a finding for the logTestResult method.
  • Fixed bugs related to providing ESM support.