Customizing axe DevTools for Web Accessibility Rules

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Modifying your rule configuration within axe DevTools for Web

Within the axe DevTools APIs, the option exists to change your standard rule set as well as your axe-core version. As axe DevTools is updated, the ruleset and the axe-core version will change. For users of only one tool the specific ruleset configuration and axe-core version may not matter. For users of multiple axe DevTools components, making sure they all use the same rule configuration and axe-core version keeps scan results 100% consistent across tools.

Ruleset Configuration

Axe DevTools has the ability to use a wide variety of rule configurations. For more information on the various rulesets, read the page on axe-core rulesets. By default, axe DevTools currently tests according to the WCAG 2.1 AA standard. You can change to one of several other WCAG rulesets, ADA section 508, Trusted Tester v5, or EN 301 549. Additionally, modifications to these rulesets like best practices not covered under WCAG or section 508, or brand-new experimental rules can be added to any ruleset configuration.

axe-core Version

Axe-core, the accessibility testing engine behind axe DevTools, is continuously being updated and improved. Because of this, different versions of axe-core may not always produce the same scan results. Ensuring your axe-core version is consistent between components, developers, and development teams eliminates the risks associated with different scans producing different results. In axe DevTools, your axe-core version will be synced with your axe DevTools version. The option is available to import specific axe-core versions.