axe Expert Replacement

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Starting December 31, 2023, the axe Expert extension will be retired. Read more about it in the Axe Expert Retirement Knowledge Base article

While the extension may be available on the browser stores for download, Deque will stop making any updates to the extension including any security patches. This is due to complications surrounding supporting Chrome extension Manifest V3. It will be replaced by the axe DevTools Extension. It is preferred that axe Expert users migrate to axe DevTools Extension (Pro), however the axe Expert extension will continue to be available but with significant changes (see below).

Functionality Not Immediately Available

This functionality will not be available and is not scheduled for implementation.

  • Custom rules
  • Script recording and playback (scripts can be written by hand and replayed/tested using the axe DevTools CLI)
  • SimulAT
  • Connecting to axe Monitor (synchronize settings with a project)
  • Page Insights' autocomplete

Functionality Immediately Available

  • Analyze
  • Choosing axe-core version, WCAG standard etc.
  • Profiles
  • Export

Functionality Available Which Differs Slightly

The following functionality will be available in a different way

  • Uploading issues to axe Monitor (through the new axe Monitor UI)
  • Creating and editing scope definitions in axe Monitor (through new axe Monitor UI)
  • Uploading scripts to axe Monitor (edit scripts, test in the axe DevTools CLI, upload through new axe Monitor UI)
  • Page Insights is replaced by the axe DevTools Extension's Intelligent Guided Tests (IGTs) (with the exception autocomplete)
  • Trusted Tester, standard will be included, potential differences (TBD)

Additional Functionality

All the axe DevTools Extension goodness including but not limited to:

Help With the Migration

If you need additional assistance migrating please reach out to