Installing Executables

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Log in to Agora's web UI with your username and password and download the appropriate axe DevTools CLI executable:

On Linux and macOS, you need to set executable permission on the binary as follows for Linux:

chmod +x axe-linux

Or as shown below for Mac:

chmod +x axe-macos

On Mac, you need to also delete the quarantine extended attribute, as shown below:

xattr -d axe-macos

To test your installation of the axe DevTools CLI, you can open up the command line in the directory where you placed the executable and run ./axe-win.exe --help on windows, ./axe-linux --help in Linux, or ./axe-macos --help on mac. Depending on how your machine is configured, you may need to use administrator mode.

You can make axe DevTools CLI available globally (from any directory) by placing it in a directory in your system's $PATH. You can see which directories are in your system's $PATh by running echo $PATH.


The remainder of this guide assumed you have axe DevTools CLI installed globally, and have renamed "axe-win.exe" / "axe-macos" / "axe-linux" to "axe". If you did not do this, wherever a command in this guide starts with axe, substitute it with the path / filename in your system.