Installing the CLI via Node.js

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Using Node.js to install the axe DevTools for Web CLI via the Deque artifactory

You will need Node.js installed to use axe DevTools CLI as a Node package. If you are unsure, type node -v in your terminal. If you do not have Node.js, use the executable instead.


You need access to the Deque Systems registry. If you do not already have access, please contact the Deque Systems helpdesk.

Access Configuration

You will need to configure access to Deque's private artifact repository to install the axe DevTools CLI.

First, you will need to access your API key which is found in Deque's artifact repository. Once logged in, click on the button labeled "Welcome <your-email-address>" in the top bar next to the help button. You will find your API key on this page.

Next, you will need to compile the rest of your authentication information into your ~/.npmrc file. With this curl command, you can automatically generate the required contents.

curl -u"<your-email>":<your-api-key> ""

The return of the command should look like this:

_auth =<generated-auth-string>

If you are unable to execute curl commands, you can generate your auth string by base-64 encoding <your-email>:<your-api-key>

Now, open your ~/.npmrc file for editing. Add the information from the previous steps. The final product should look like this:



You can install axe DevTools CLI using NPM or Yarn. To globally install axe DevTools CLI from Agora, you can run the following:

npm install -g @axe-devtools/cli

Or for Yarn:

yarn add -g @axe-devtools/cli

This will make axe DevTools CLI available with the "axe" command. To check, you can run axe --help in the command line.