Analyze a Workflow

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The "spec" command runs a workflow script, interacting with the page and testing for accessibility as it goes.

To use the spec command, you will need a spec file. These look something like this:

  "projects": [
      "name": "",
      "id": "deque",
      "globalActions": [
        "dismiss modal \"#CybotCookiebotDialog\" with close button \"#CybotCookiebotDialogBodyButtonAccept\""
      "pageList": [{
        "name": "Homepage",
        "url": ""
      }, {
        "name": "Search",
        "url": "",
        "actions": [
          "type \"axe\" into element \"#searchform input\"",
          "click element \"#searchform button[type=submit]\"",
          "wait for element \".m-search-page\" to be found",

To run this spec file with axe DevTools CLI, use the following command:

axe spec ./axe-workflow.json ./axe-reports

For more details, see spec files