Install from the .NET Core CLI

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Access and install axe DevTools from your CLI

In order to download axe DevTools, follow the registry access instructions provided by your development operations department. This nuget.config example file will guide you through setting up the dependencies to download axe DevTools from Deque's Agora.

Step 1: Open your CLI and navigate to your project directory.

Step 2: Create a nuget.config file if it is not currently present using this command

dotnet new nugetconfig

If you do not wish to store this information inside your code repository you can skip this and use the user config file (C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\NuGet\NuGet.Config)

Step 3: Add Deque's Agora Artifactory instance as a package source.

Step 4: Add the following snippet to your config file inside the <packageSources> section after the <add> with key="":

<add key="Artifactory" value="" />

Step 5: Add your Agora credentials to your config file via the following snippet in the <configuration> tag, replacing <USERNAME> and <API_KEY> with your credentials. The username will be the email address used to log into Agora. Your API key can be retrieved by logging into Agora, clicking the welcome banner in the top right corner, and copying your API key from the profile page. If you do not have Agora login credentials, contact your Deque representative.

        <add key="Username" value="<USERNAME>" />
        <add key="ClearTextPassword" value="<API_KEY>" />

The use of a clear text API key is necessary; encrypted passwords are not supported on non-Windows platforms.

Step 6: Install axe-devtools-selenium:

dotnet add package axe-devtools-selenium

You should now see axe-devtools-selenium mentioned in your csproj file.

Dotnet Dependencies

Dependencies are automatically downloaded and built when you build or test the main project in Visual Studio. You can accomplish the same steps using the dotnet CLI via the following command:

dotnet restore

JavaScript dependencies are automatically downloaded and resolved when building the main project.


To build the project, use the command dotnet build.


To test the project, use the command dotnet test.