axe DevTools C# Overview

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Axe DevTools C# includes:

  • axe-core version 4
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 IDE support
  • Microsoft .NET Core 2.2.0 CLI support


Axe DevTools requires a Selenium Webdriver binding for a browser of your choice. To use axe DevTools, you must first install and configure Selenium Webdriver.

Assumptions and Known Limitations

  • Using this integration assumes:

    • You have set the desired state of page prior to running the tests.
    • You have not modified the Selenium object other than to run axe and apply your configuration.
    • You close the tested web page upon test completion.
  • Best practice: Do not run additional tests without refreshing the page. Changing the state of a web page during a Selenium test run and running the tests without restoring the original expected page state will cause unpredictable testing results. Axe DevTools C# may inject content into a web page during testing. Attempts to run axe DevTools repeatedly on a page that was previously tested will cause unpredictable testing results.