axe DevTools Extension v4.49.0 Release Notes

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February 3, 2023


  • Upgrades to axe-core v4.6.3
  • Persists Pro subscriber settings upon logout
  • Adds new “axe DevTools reporter” as an alternate export format (configured in settings)
  • Provides “related nodes” for Modal Dialog IGT issue of elements outside of dialog being visible to screen reader
  • Consolidates 'previous' and 'next' nav buttons for IGT steps which cycle through elements (Table and Interactive Elements IGTs)

Bug Fixes

  • Gracefully handle when a non-input is selected in the Forms IGT (issue #3381)
  • Allows mouse selection work within shadow DOM (issue #3280)
  • Calculates color-contrast properly when the selector matches a select element (issue #3430)

Known Issues

  • Cross-domain iframes have limited support. Limitations include:
    • highlighting issues within cross-domain iframes
    • selecting elements within cross-domain iframes
    • running IGTs within cross-domain iframes
  • Using the keyboard shortcuts can result in display of the old UI (issue #2990)
  • Some keyboard shortcuts no longer work (issue #2991)