axe DevTools Extension v4.51.0 Release Notes

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February 24, 2023


  • Simplifies issue details UI (#3128):
    • make the description paragraph font larger
    • move "more information" link down to below description paragraph
    • remove "Issue Description" heading entirely
    • move "Element Location" heading inline with the selector
    • move "Inspect" button inline with the selector
    • remove "Element Source" heading entirely
    • add footer to panel with tags rendered within
    • gives the inspect and share buttons help text of the rule's description (the text in the clickable accordion trigger) and the "x of y" text

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes incorrect screenshot capture for color-contrast evaluation (#3500)
  • Moves highlight button back to expanded issue panel based on user feedback (#3027)

Known Issues

  • Cross-domain iframes have limited support. Limitations include:
    • highlighting issues within cross-domain iframes
    • selecting elements within cross-domain iframes
    • running IGTs within cross-domain iframes
  • Using the keyboard shortcuts can result in display of the old UI (issue #2990)
  • Some keyboard shortcuts no longer work (issue #2991)