Intelligent Guided Test Deprecation

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Deprecated Intelligent Guided Tests (IGTs)

As the axe DevTools Extension evolves, there are times when IGTs are deprecated. This usually means we've made changes which move testing coverage from one IGT into another one or more IGTs. Regardless of the reason for an IGT being deprecated, we ensure you never lose any of your testing data and that accessibility testing coverage never decreases.

How it works

  • If a saved test has no in-progress or completed runs of the deprecated IGT, the IGT will be hidden from the UI entirely.
  • If a saved test has any in-progress or completed runs of the deprecated IGT, it will remain available in that specific saved test.

When an IGT is deprecated, it is recommended to run all other IGTs and to clear your old results from the deprecated IGTs. The accessibility testing coverage of the deprecated IGT will be covered by different IGTs.