Images Intelligent Guided Test

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The images IGT walks you through the accessibility testing of your images.


The Images IGT does not currently cover font icons (like Font Awesome).

How it works

Step 1: Selection

The images are grouped using an algorithm to categorize similar images. You can select the images you'd like to test. Once you have selected the images you wish to test, click "NEXT".

Step 2: Purpose

From the images you have selected to test, you will be asked to select all images that are used purely for decoration, which is, they add no additional meaning to the page and are just present for pure aesthetics. Select all such images and click "NEXT".

If you aren't sure whether an image is decorative or not, determine if any information would be lost if the image was removed from the page entirely.

Step 3: Text Images

You will be asked to select any images with embedded text. If the image itself contains any text at all, select that image.


Logos are exempted so if the logo contains text like the name of your company, those should not be selected.

Step 4: Accuracy

Next, you will need to check to see if the accessible name (such as alt text) is actually descriptive of the image. The accessible name displayed should accurately describe the meaning conveyed by the image without being overly verbose. For example, the accessible name should not contain "Image of" which is information already conveyed by assistive technology. Go through each image and select "Yes" for all the images that do have accurate/descriptive accessible names and "No" for those that do not.

What it tests for

The Images IGT tests for:

  • Decorative images
  • Images containing text
  • Images having meaningful alternatives that describe the meaning of the image