Lists Intelligent Guided Test

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The Lists IGT has been deprecated and moved into the Structure IGT.

The deprecated Lists IGT helps you determine if your page conforms to the proper structure relating to lists. It is only available in axe DevTools Extension versions older than v4.39.

How it works

The first thing you will have to do is put the page in the state you want to test. After that a few simple questions will guide you through completion of accessibility tests that determine whether the lists on your page are marked up correctly.

Step 1: Purpose

All lists found on the page will be highlighted. You will be asked if any of the highlighted lists are not actually lists (caused by misusing HTML list semantics). Lists can be groupings of related items with a specific order (ordered) or no specific order (unordered). Unrelated items should not be marked up as lists for presentation or formatting purposes.


If no lists were found on the page, this question will be skipped entirely.

Step 2: Missing

This question prompts you to check if there is anything on the page that should be marked up as a list but is not. You can choose "Yes I can see some lists you did not highlight" or "Nope nothing is missing". If you select "Yes, I can see some lists you did not highlight" you will be able to select the elements you believe should be lists but aren't marked up as such.

What it tests for

  • List markup that should not really be marked up as a list.
  • Related items that should be marked up as a list but aren't.