Structure Intelligent Guided Test

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The Structure IGT tests if the page under test has the proper structure such as headings, language, and page title. The Structure tool replaces the Headings and Page Info tools and adds additional tests.

How it works

The first thing you will have to do is put the page in the state you want to test. After that a few simple questions will guide you through completion of accessibility tests that determine if the page has the proper structure. The Structure IGT requires the ability to take screenshots of the page. While screenshots are being captured, please don't scroll or interact with the page. Click Start when you are ready to perform the test.

Step 1: Headings

The Structure IGT detects the headings on the page under test. You will first be asked to determine if any of the detected headings are not supposed to be headings. This can be the case when heading semantics are used for styling purposes only.

If there are any mispurposed headings, you can select each mispurposed heading to inform the IGT.

Next, you can identify any headings that were not detected. If nothing is missing, select "Nope, nothing is missing!!".

Finally, go through each heading and determine if the text is descriptive of the content that immediately follows it. For each heading with accurate/descriptive text select "Yes", select "No" for headings whose text is inaccurate or not descriptive enough.

Step 2: Lists

To the use of lists is correct, the 2nd step of the Structure IGT will have you validate the existing lists on the page. In addition, you will be asked to identify any elements on the page that act as lists but are not marked up as such.

Step 3: Languages

To ensure all content is marked up properly in terms of language, the Structure IGT asks you to identify any areas of the page which break from the page-wide language.


For any blocks of content with the lang attribute, the Structure IGT attempts to validate the accuracy of the given language. For example, if there is Spanish content marked up with lang=es, the IGT will assess that text to determine if it is in fact Spanish.

Step 4: Titles

The Titles step walks you through testing the document title as well as any frame titles.

Step 5: Applications

The role="application" attribute/value should be used sparingly and only if the content consists mostly of complex widgets that emulate a real desktop application. The Structure IGT will detect any role="application" elements and have you validate that they are in fact correct usages of the attribute.

Because of the complexity in determining correct usage of the application role, you can select "Not sure" if you are not comfortable answering this question.

Step 6: Media

The last step\ of the Structure IGT assist you in testing the text alternative for each media (audio and video) element on the page.

What it tests for

The Structure IGT tests for:

  • Invalid heading markup
  • Missing headings
  • Invalid lists
  • Missing lists
  • Accuracy of heading content
  • Whether language of the parts of the page is correctly marked up
  • Page title reflects the page content accurately
  • Frame titles accurately describe the contents of the frame
  • That role="application" is used only when warranted