Raising Manual Issues

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Raising an issue manually in axe DevTools is a powerful tool which facilitates 100% accessibility testing coverage all within a single report. Using the "Remaining Testing" guide, performing manual testing and raising issues is easy!

How to raise a manual issue

  1. Save your test or select an existing saved test
  2. Click the "Add Manual Issue" button within the saved test's "Overview" tab Screenshot of Add Manual Issue button
  3. Choose an issue description by searching the descriptions or by entering in the WCAG success criterion (e.g. "2.2.2.a")
  4. Select an element using your mouse or with your keyboard using the "Element Selector"
  5. Optionally, select any additional related elements
  6. Click "Save" Screenshot of adding a manual issue description, element and related elements

Once you've saved your issue it will be part of the saved test. Manual issues will appear in all reports and exports.

Manual issues come with the same data as automatic and guided issues:

  • Issue description
  • Screenshot
  • Rule help page
  • Selector
  • Source code
  • Related nodes (when applicable)
  • How to fix