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Offline Mode is a feature of the axe DevTools Browser Extension which enables local persistence of data without access to an axe DevTools server. This is especially useful for security-conscious companies who want the powerful features of the axe DevTools Extension but do not want to open their network up to a private cloud or on-prem axe DevTools server instance.

Due to the nature of this feature, certain axe DevTools Extension features are not available in Offline Mode:

All axe DevTools Extension features not listed above are available in Offline Mode including:


No data is sent out of the extension when in offline mode.

How to obtain an offline enterprise license

Contact Deque to request access.

What to expect once you purchase an offline enterprise license

Once purchased, a Deque representative will deliver you the offline license key in your preferred secure method of delivery.

What to do with your key

  • Open up the axe DevTools Browser Extension (in Chrome or Edge)
  • Navigate to the settings by clicking the “Options” (three dots icon) menu item in the top menu bar and clicking the “Settings” menu item.
  • Navigate to the "Offline Mode" section
  • Check the "Enable Offline Mode" checkbox Extension settings "Offline License Key" enabled without key inputted
  • Enter the Offline License Key in the text area
  • Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the form

Valid Offline License Keys

If a valid key is provided, a success message will appear once it is entered into the text area and validated.

✅ Valid license key

Extension settings invalid "Offline License Key" text input with error message

Invalid Offline License Keys

If an invalid or expired key is provided, an error message will appear after it is entered into the text area.

Invalid license key or license has expired

Extension settings invalid "Offline License Key" text input with error message

How to roll your offline key out to your whole organization

If desired, your offline license key can be rolled out to your entire organization using extension configuration by policy. Specifically, you will need to configure the OfflineLicenseKey to have a value of the offline license key provided to you by Deque.

How to get help with Offline Mode

If you have any trouble getting set up with Offline Mode, send us an email and someone from Deque will be happy to assist you!