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Understanding and controlling usage data within the axe DevTools extension

The axe DevTools Extension Usage Service is a "micro-service" deployed to Deque's AWS infrastructure enabling axe products to record ("track") usage data via HTTP. Tracked usage data is detailed below. It is possible to control this option via browser policy as explained in the Policy Configuration section.

Customers can configure the extension to redirect traffic to their own data analytics service.

  version: 'v2'
    productName: string
    productComponent: string
    productComponentVersion: string
    event: string
    // Universal parameters
    dateTime: Date
    keycloakId?: string
    distinctId: string
    userId?: string
    organization?: string
    department?: string
    application?: string
    devInstance?: boolean
    sessionId?: string
    userStatus?: string
    loggedIn?: boolean
    // Application specific properties.
    applicationProperties?: Record<string, number | boolean | string>
    // Role associated with the user that created the event ("Developer")
    userJobRole?: string

  version: 'v1'
    dateTime: Date
    // "axe", "axe-devtools", "axe-expert", ...
    productName: string
    // "chromeExtension"
    productComponent: string
    // Event type ("analyze")
    event: string
    // "analyze"
    eventTool?: string
    // URL or application name
    target?: string
    // Event target's state ("Recipe Home Page")
    targetState?: string
    // Target medium ("HTML")
    targetMedium?: string
    // Number of rules failed/passed/...
    failedRuleCount?: number
    passedRuleCount?: number
    incompleteRuleCount?: number
    inapplicableRuleCount?: number
    // Sum of all the failed nodes, views or equivalent
    failedItemCount?: number
    // Names of all failed rules.
    failedRuleNames?: string[]
    // (Ideally) unique identifier for the user creating the event (``, ``, etc)
    devInstance?: boolean 

What events are tracked

Currently the extension only tracks the analyze event, sending data to the service each time the extension runs the automated analysis (e.g. the "analyze" button is clicked or equivalent functionality is triggered).

Enabling and Disabling the Usage Reporter tracking

You may enable or disable the Extension Usage Reporter functionality using the configuration.