axe Expert Extension

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The axe Expert extension is officially retired. Read more about this on the axe Expert Replacement page. These pages will be taken down in July of 2024. Email with any questions or concerns.

Overview of axe Expert


The axe Expert Extension is being replaced. Read more about the axe Expert replacement here.

The axe Expert Extension is the third generation of Deque's web accessibility analysis tools that work within the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. The extension provides developers, content authors, and QA testers with tools to check pages for accessibility issues and to get expert help to solve them while providing additional functionality as compared with Deque's open-source extension and accessibility rules engine, axe.

Example of the new user interface of the Analyze pane of the axe Expert Extension in Chrome

The axe Expert Extension integrates with Deque's Enterprise accessibility Conformance Platform (ECP) featuring the axe DevTools suite of products, which includes the axe DevTools, Auditor, and Monitor products, collectively representing the most powerful accessibility software suite available. axe Monitor users can upload issues and scripts from the axe Expert Extension to axe Monitor, or download issues and scripts from axe Monitor to the axe Expert Extension. Additionally, the axe Expert Extension provides Deque University clients the ability to take advantage of premium accessibility rule information and violation remediation advice in axe DevTools.

Your axe Monitor Server Only


Regardless of which version of the axe-core rules you select for use in axe Monitor or axe DevTools for Web projects, the engine in the axe Expert Extension does not communicate with any server other than the specific server hosting the analyzed page(s) and your axe Monitor product installation server. The axe Expert Extension server communication protocol is identical regardless of whether the installation server is Deque's secure cloud or on your local premises.

Accessibility testing with axe Expert Extension in Firefox and Chrome Developer Tools provides developers with a set of tools that help create accessible web applications.

The extension:

  • Finds Defects: axe Expert Extension supports web page analysis using the axe DevTools ruleset to find a large number of accessibility defects in a dynamic Web application.
  • Simulates Screen Readers: axe Expert Extension provides screen reader simulation during web page analysis allowing developers to read linearized application text and quickly spot accessibility issues without needing to be a screen reader expert.
  • Uploads/Downloads To/From axe Monitor: axe Expert Extension integrates with an axe Monitor server installation to allow for, upload and download of issues; recording, debug and playback of scripts; and recording of scope definitions.
  • Supports Custom Rulesets: axe Expert Extension supports the configuration of custom rules and interchange of rulesets with an axe Monitor server installation. Supporting custom rulesets provides consistency across the entire organization.