Download the Puppeteer Demo Project

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Download and run a complete sample project for axe DevTools for Web with Puppeteer and Mocha

This demo project familiarizes users with using axe DevTools for Web with Puppeteer and Mocha and can generate reports without needing an existing web project to integrate with. For information on how to install axe DevTools for Web into an existing project, read the guide on installing from a bundle, from your own artifact repository, or from Deque's Agora.


These projects require a NodeJS development environment including NPM or Yarn. They also require a WebDriver matching the desired demo project, either Puppeteer, WebDriverIO, or WebDriverJS

  1. axe DevTools for Web Puppeteer with Mocha


  1. Download the zipped project that matches your developing and testing environment
  2. Move the project to the desired location in your file system and unzip
  3. Using your command shell, navigate to the location of the project, then within the project to the src directory
  4. run the command npm install or yarn to install the node modules
  5. run npm test or yarn test to run the test scripts

Once the tests have finished running, the raw results are logged to the console as well as compiled into an HTML report by the axe DevTools for Web reporter. These reports allow you to easily consume the results of the accessibility scans.

If desired, you can configure the project to scan any web addressable page by changing the test case URLs with src/*.test.js and re-running the tests.


Initially, one or more of the components within this project may be incompatible with your environment. If issues persist, contact your Deque representative directly, reach us via our support desk, or send us an email. We'll be happy to help.