axe DevTools for Web Overview

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Introduction to axe DevTools for Web including information on its intended audience and the goals behind its design

Axe DevTools for Web is a suite of accessibility testing tools built around the industry leading axe-core accessibility testing engine

Axe DevTools for Web is the ultimate toolkit for integrating web accessibility testing into your organization. Designed to integrate directly into your existing software development and testing process, axe DevTools for Web helps you find and fix web accessibility violations without slowing you down.

Who is it for?

You don't need to be an accessibility expert to use axe DevTools for Web and make a meaningful difference in the accessibility of your webware. Every axe DevTools for Web scan includes information about any detected accessibility violations like where on the page it's located, why it violates accessibility principles and guidelines, how to remediate it, and how serious of an impact it has. Anyone who can use the internet can become a powerful web accessibility when equipped with axe DevTools for Web. Additionally, the speed of the scanning and feature and data rich nature of the scan outputs means even seasoned accessibility professionals gain value from using axe DevTools for Web. Obviously, the tool is most squarely aimed at developers testing for and remediating accessibility violations as they code, but QA professionals, management, subject matter experts, and any other web content stakeholders can leverage axe DevTools for Web.

Zero False Positives

As with all axe products, we strive to keep axe DevTools for Web free of false positives. Our products are tested on millions of pages, and any false positives reported will be treated as bugs, and fixed as soon as possible. This way you do not have to question whether a finding is really a violation which needs remediating, or simply noise.

Shift Left

Here at Deque, we believe firmly in the Shift Left Principle, meaning moving your web accessibility testing and remediation as early in the SDLC as possible. By enabling developers, QA engineers, SME's, and management to test for accessibility on-the-fly, accessibility violations can be caught early on, before they become costly, disruptive production issues.

How it Works

Axe DevTools for Web scans any rendered web page. This means no matter what tech stack you use to create your web content, axe DevTools for Web can scan it. Paired with all major web driver options, your accessibility scanning setups can interact with any page to interact with forms, complete user flows, and expose normally hidden UI. Our variety of tools makes it easy to add accessibility testing to your own automated testing flows, create new automated testing setups, and even test while you code.

Use Cases

With the three core components of axe DevTools for Web (APIs, CLI, and Browser Extension), virtually any accessibility testing use case has the ideal tool to make accessibility testing quick and easy.


Deque offers several rulesets for a range of ADA and WCAG complaisance levels. Additionally, custom rulesets are available to tune your accessibility testing results to fit your organization's needs and journey to going axe-clean

axe-core versions

At the heart of axe DevTools for Web is our open-source, industry leading accessibility testing engine, axe-core. We're continuously updating it for coverage, accuracy, speed, security, and usability.