Setting up Access

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This document details the necessary tools and access requirements for using the AxeDevTools gems.


The following are the requirements for Ruby development with the axe DevTools gems:

Optionally, we recommend you install all browser WebDrivers, like geckodriver, for use by those axe DevTools Gems that support WebDrivers.

Setting up Access

You need access to the Deque Systems registry. If you do not have access already, please contact the Deque Systems helpdesk

Follow these setup instructions for access to Deque's registry so the axe DevTools Gems can be installed and used.

Optionally, after obtaining access to the Deque Systems registry, we recommend that you set up your default bundle configuration to point to the registry as follows:

bundle config <username>:<apikey>

Then you can use gems directly without a source:

gem "axe-devtools-cucumber"

Alternatively, you can specify a source to the gem:

gem "axe-devtools-cucumber", :source => ''

Choose the Gems and Integrate

After setting up access to the Deque repository, choose a gem from the testing framework and from the WebDriver and begin integration.

Please refer to the respective documentation for each gem for detailed instruction on installation, usage, and API documentation.

An example integration code snippet is shown below:

# Choose a testing framework
require "axe-rspec"

# choose a WebDriver
require "axe-capybara"

# configure WebDriver
AxeCapybara.configure(:firefox) do |c|
# ...

# write tests
# ...
expect(page).to be_axe_clean