axe DevTools for Web Capybara

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The axe-devtools-capybara gem provides a chainable axe API for the Capybara WebDriver and automatically injects it into all frames.

Setup and Usage

Before beginning, ensure you have access to Deque's registry. If not, refer to the setup guide

  • Add axe-devtools-capybara to your Gemfile or gemspec file and run bundle install.
gem "axe-devtools-capybara"
spec.add_dependency "axe-devtools-capybara"
  • Require the gem and configure as shown below:
require 'axe-devtools-capybara'

# configure `AxeCapybara`
driver = AxeCapybara.configure(:firefox) do |c|
  # see below for a full list of configurations
  c.jslib_path = "next-version/axe.js"

# use the driver configuration instance ''



The configure method takes one optional argument as a symbol and a configuration block object: configure(*arg, &block)

The optional argument is a browser name for capybara. The valid browser names are:

  • :firefox (default)
  • :chrome
  • :safari

Please ensure the necessary drivers (for example, geckodriver) are installed in your machine.

The block configuration object contains the following properties:

Property Type Description
jslib_path (Optional) String Path to a custom axe source
skip_iframes (Optional) Boolean Indicate if frames should be excluded from injecting with axe

The configuration block can also take parameters for adavanced AxeDevTools configuration