axe DevTools for Web Gems

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Running the provided examples for axe DevTools for Web Gems requires users to integrate the software into projects running in their local environment. Similarly, potential customers who wish to evaluate axe DevTools for Web Gems may not have the required permissions to install software from Deque's registry or any public registries (e.g., NPM).

Deque sales representatives can quickly upload the latest version of the complete axe DevTools for Web Gems software package (including integration files, examples, and dependencies) to customer-approved file sharing repositories, thereby allowing them to demonstrate the product bypassing any initial setup.

The axe DevTools for Web Gems bundles available are available in Deque's registry for distribution to customer-specified software repositories.

Specific version numbers are part of the file paths, for example:


Developers with access to customer-specified software repositories can access the uploaded axe DevTools for Web bundle in their local development environment. Untarring creates a vendor/cache folder containing all dependencies and examples. Developers can then install the dependencies using the bundle install --local command when the local vendor/cache folder is in place.

With the software installed and the dependencies in place, developers can then compile and run the examples without downloading anything further from the internet.