Introduction to axe DevTools for Ruby

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Axe DevTools Gems is an integration offering for Ruby which enables you to perform automated accessibility testing.

See Deque Products for further information about the axe DevTools suite of products.

axe DevTools Gems

Axe DevTools Gems takes a novel approach to providing a set of libraries to enable automated accessibility testing. It is designed and developed with a focus on a better developer experience. As such, the suite of gems provided are divided broadly into two categories: Gems that support a testing framework (eg: Rspec), and gems that support a webdriver (eg: Capybara).

The variety of packaged gems provided are as follows:

The intended developer experience is to give users the flexibility to choose a testing framework or a WebDriver that either supports their current testing setup or gives them flexibility when putting together a new test setup.

Further Reading

The axe DevTools Gems are built on top of the Deque Systems Ruby integration offering, axe Core Gems.