Release Notes for axe DevTools for Web APIs and CLI

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Includes release notes for version 4.7.0 and later


These release notes include information about axe DevTools for Web API and CLI releases beginning with version 4.7.0 (4.6.0 for the Node.js Reporting packages) and later. Previous release notes (back to 4.0) are available at Release Notes for axe DevTools for Web 4.0 to 4.7.

You can find release notes organized by language or platform:


Deque's API packages (except for the Node.js Reporter packages) do not strictly follow Semantic Versioning rules. The packages lock their major and minor version numbers to the major and minor versions of their axe-core dependency with only the patch version possibly differing. (For example, if the API version is 4.7.2, then the axe-core version used by the package will be 4.7.x.) The difference from Semantic Versioning is that the patch version of a package may include not only bug fixes but also new API features. (The patch version will not, however, introduce breaking changes.)