Sign into axe Monitor

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The axe Expert extension is officially retired. Read more about this on the axe Expert Replacement page. These pages will be taken down in July of 2024. Email with any questions or concerns.

Signing in to axe Monitor allows you to upload/download issues, scripts, and scope definitions to/from the axe Monitor application product.

When you have previously signed in, either on this panel or the Settings panel, you will not see the Sign in link. There is no functional difference between signing in on either panel.

  1. Activate Sign in at the top, right of the Rules panel. Activating the Sign in link at the top, right of the right Rules panel pane The axe Monitor Sign in form appears in the right pane of the Rules panel.
  2. In the Server URL field, enter the URL of your axe Monitor server.
  3. Optionally, check the Remember me checkbox if you want the extension to save the Server URL you entered in the browser cache.
  4. Select GO TO SIGN IN FORM. Entering the Server URL and clicking the GO TO SIGN IN FORM button The Sign in to Deque form displays in a new browser popup window prompting you to enter an Email address.
  5. Enter your Email address in the corresponding text field in the Sign in to Deque form and select NEXT. Entering the Email address and clicking NEXT The Sign in to Deque form display refreshes, showing the Email address you entered as read-only and a blank Password text entry field.
  6. Type your Deque account password in the Password field. For security, password characters are masked with dots.
  7. Optionally, select Remember me again if you want the axe Expert Extension to save your Email and Password credentials in the browser history cache as cookies so that you will not have to enter it again. The previous Remember me box earlier in this procedure only pertained to saving the Server URL.
  8. Activate SIGN IN. Entering your Password in the corresponding field (masked w/ dots) and then clicking the SIGN IN button The Rules panel refreshes to display a Select Project link.