Upload Analysis Results to axe Monitor

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The axe Expert extension is officially retired. Read more about this on the axe Expert Replacement page. These pages will be taken down in July of 2024. Email helpdesk@deque.com with any questions or concerns.

When you complete an automated accessibility analysis and want to upload the rule violation results as issues into an axe Monitor project, you can use the Upload option in the content analysis panel's context menu.

Before you begin, move focus to the axe Expert Extension content analysis panel with the analysis results of a loaded page displayed. You must also be logged in to axe Monitor.

  1. In the Analyze panel context menu, click Upload.

Clicking the Upload link from the Analyze ellipses context menu

The Upload Issues to axe Monitor pane displays to the right, displaying a Current Project field, a Select a project drop-down field, and an Upload button.

  1. To the right of the Select a project field, select down arrow.

    The Project menu expands downward (or upward), displaying a list of projects that you have access to from which to select. The list of available projects corresponds to those marked as Favorite in axe Monitor.

  2. Modify the default date text in the Label field, if desired.

  3. Select UPLOAD.

    You are returned to the content analysis panel.

    The rule violations are uploaded and imported into your chosen axe Monitor project as issues. You can review and take further action on these issues by navigating to the Issues tab and selecting the project in the Issues for field you specified to upload them to.

    Uploaded issue example in axe Monitor on Issues > Issues for project page