Upload a Script

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The axe Expert extension is officially retired. Read more about this on the axe Expert Replacement page. These pages will be taken down in July of 2024. Email helpdesk@deque.com with any questions or concerns.

Upload a script when you want to store and share a recorded script with other axe Monitor users in a particular project for reuse. For example, record and upload a script to automate completing a tedious sign-in form to access a portion of a site to be spider scanned for accessibility rule violations.

Before you begin, you must have a previously-recorded script currently displayed in the content pane table on the Scripts panel. Additionally, you must be signed in to axe Monitor.

Testing (Playing Back) Your Script Before Upload: You should play a previously-recorded script in axe Expert Extension before you upload it to axe Monitor to verify desired functionality. As web pages are subject to change, the relevant selectors and paths are also subject to change, which can break a previously-recorded script. axe Monitor scans may not work when attempting to reuse older scripts. It is recommended best practice to validate (particularly when the script has first been downloaded from axe Monitor into axe Expert Extension) against the latest code of the page on which you intend to run the script.

  1. At the top, right of the event table content pane on the Scripts panel, select the Upload to axe Monitor link.

    Selecting the Upload on the Scripts panel

    If you have not already signed in to axe Monitor and selected a Project, you will be prompted to do so. The list of available projects corresponds to those marked as Favorite in axe Monitor. Follow the prompts to select a project to populate the list of available scripts from which to select, then select a script name as desired.

  2. If desired, modify the default date text in the Script Name field on the Upload to axe Monitor pane at the right of the Scripts panel.

  3. If desired, check Save as a new script (when a script of the same name already exists and you do not want to replace its content).

  4. Click Upload to axe Monitor.

    Selecting the Script Name, checking the box to Save as new, then clicking the Upload to axe Monitor button on the Upload to axe Monitor of the Scripts panel

    The Scripts panel refreshes to display the event table of the uploaded script in place of the Upload to axe Monitor Script to axe Monitor pane.

    The uploaded script is now in Settings > Scripts for the selected project in axe Monitor


The name you gave the uploaded script is now displayed in the Script field at the top, left of the right pane. Although no upload success response message displays to confirm a completed upload within axe Expert Extension, selecting Settings>Scripts in axe Monitor's menu will display the script name you uploaded in the selected project list.

You are now able to download the script from axe Monitor into axe Expert Extension in the future to play it. For more information, see Download a Script.