axe Expert Usage Data

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The axe Expert extension is officially retired. Read more about this on the axe Expert Replacement page. These pages will be taken down in July of 2024. Email with any questions or concerns.

Understanding and controlling usage data within axe Expert

The axe Expert Extension Usage Service is a "micro-service" deployed to Deque's AWS infrastructure enabling Attest products to record ("track") usage data via HTTP. Tracked usage data is detailed below. It is possible to control this option via browser policy as explained in the Policy Configuration section.

Customers can intercept traffic and redirect it to their own data analytics service. The next release of the axe Expert Extension includes options to send usage directly to customer-controlled services, and browser policies are configurable. The next axe Expert Extension release also contains the ability for customers to specify a specified organization string.

  version: 'v2'
    productName: string
    productComponent: string
    productComponentVersion: string
    event: string
    // Universal parameters
    dateTime: Date
    keycloakId?: string
    distinctId: string
    userId?: string
    organization?: string
    department?: string
    application?: string
    devInstance?: boolean
    sessionId?: string
    userStatus?: string
    loggedIn?: boolean
    // Application specific properties.
    applicationProperties?: Record<string, number | boolean | string>
    // Role associated with the user that created the event ("Developer")
    userJobRole?: string

  version: 'v1'
    dateTime: Date
    // "axe", "axe-devtools", "axe-expert", ...
    productName: string
    // "chromeExtension"
    productComponent: string
    // Event type ("analyze")
    event: string
    // "analyze"
    eventTool?: string
    // URL or application name
    target?: string
    // Event target's state ("Recipe Home Page")
    targetState?: string
    // Target medium ("HTML")
    targetMedium?: string
    // Number of rules failed/passed/...
    failedRuleCount?: number
    passedRuleCount?: number
    incompleteRuleCount?: number
    inapplicableRuleCount?: number
    // Sum of all the failed nodes, views or equivalent
    failedItemCount?: number
    // Names of all failed rules.
    failedRuleNames?: string[]
    // (Ideally) unique identifier for the user creating the event (``, ``, etc)
    devInstance?: boolean

Enabling and Disabling the new axe Expert Extension Usage Reporter tracking

The new axe Expert Extension contains Usage Reporter tracking capabilities. Specifically, the browser extensions now includes opt-in functionality to track and report when users click the ANALYZE button.

Users may enable or disable the new axe Expert Extension Usage Reporter functionality using the Send Usage Data checkbox in the Extension Options menu:

The axe Expert Extension settings in chrome displaying the highlighted 'Send Usage Data' checkbox.